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C830.2 Plasma - Alpha's Best

C830.2 Plasma - Alpha's Best
C830.2 Plasma - Alpha's Best C830.2 Plasma - Alpha's Best C830.2 Plasma - Alpha's Best
Brand: Alpha
Product Code: C8302PFW
Availability: In Stock
Price: $99.00

Available Options

* C830.2 Fairway #3, 5, 7:

* Finished Length (Woods):

* Left/Right Handed:

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Super hot face with “spring" effect for extra distance 
Easy-to-hit from any lie 
Soft feel with solid sound on impact 
Deep center of gravity helps with accuracy even on off-center hits
“Best Fairway Woods" Steve Thomas is considered by many to be the longest driver on the Champions Tour. He drove 407 yards at the American Senior Tour in 2008 with an Alpha driver. So when he called the Alpha C830.2 Fairway Woods the “best fairway woods's ever played, both professionals and amateurs paid attention. Golf Digest once called the Alpha C830.2 one of “the best golf drivers you've never heard of. The C830.2's fairway wood counterpart is getting its own reputation as the best fairway woods to hit the Tour. From a Legacy of Superior Drivers Alpha is recognized as a leader in long drive golf clubs. Its drivers have been used to win 6 ReMax World Long Drive tournaments since 2001. The C830.2 driver continues to dominate long drive tournaments today, both locally and globally. Alpha has built a legacy of optimized design, superior titanium, and expert craftsmanship. It is this same legacy that is passed directly onto the C830.2 fairways, the best fairway woods offering that Alpha has created. COG, MOI, and COR The Center of Gravity (COG), Moment of Inertia (MOI), and Coefficient of Restitution (COR) compose the 3 most important parameters in designing a superior golf club. The optimization of these 3 factors enabled Alpha drivers to dominate the World Long Drive championships. And the same optimizations have been applied to the C830.2 fairway woods. The center of gravity needs to be placed low and deep in the club face for the best performance. A low COG enables easier airborne launches which comes in handy when hitting off the deck. But more importantly, a low COG induces the right amount of backspin on the ball to have a piercing trajectory and penetrating ball flight. A deep center of gravity raises the moment of inertia. A high MOI prevents the club from twisting on off-center shots (ie forgiveness). A deep COG keeps weight away from the axis of rotation, which dampens any torque that occurs when the ball is hit away from the COG axis of rotation. High MOI, and thus forgiveness, for fairway woods is an extremely important design parameter since golfers choose woods over their driver for control and accuracy. The coefficient of restitution determines how fast the ball leaves the face of the club. Often referred to as the “hotness" of a club face, the COR is not just an indicator of ball speed but also distance. A higher COR guarantees longer shots. Design Secrets of the Best Fairway Woods In order to achieve optimal COG, MOI, and COR, various design and manufacturing techniques borrowed from driver technology were applied to the C830.2 fairway wood. Careful weight placement in the head enables the COG to be low and deep. Through a process called perimeter weighting, mass is concentrated in 2 places: 1) the sole of the club to lower the vertical COG. 2) the back of the club away from the axis of COG to increase MOI. High COR, or a hot face, is obtained through a “trampoline effect" from making the center of the face very thin. The golf industry calls this “variable face thickness." Alpha pioneered this manufacturing technique through a patented process called Increased Target Design. Regardless of the name, the thin face momentarily depresses at initial contact with the ball and then "springs" back into shape at launch like a trampoline.
The forged manufacturing process gives the C830.2 FW a softer feel. But more importantly, it allows for careful crafting of the face that is not feasible with the cheaper investment casting process. Casting is not conducive to creating the variable face thickness that is needed for high COR, since the face and shell are made together from a mold. In the forging process however, the maraging steel face is constructed separately and then plasma welded onto the shell.

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