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Response Rescue Club

Response Rescue Club
Response Rescue Club Response Rescue Club Response Rescue Club
Brand: Alpha
Product Code: AROHCH
Availability: In Stock
Price: $59.00

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Offset hybrid with 1° closed face angle 
431 Stainless Steel solid construction 
Balanced control great for beginner and medium level players 
Smooth contour sole helps to increase club and ball speed
Rescue Golf Clubs The Alpha Response Hybrid is a true “rescue golf club." With its surprising ease of use, soft landings, and high forgiveness, this rescue club is a versatile tool for recreational golfers in a variety of challenging situations. The Long Iron Shot Hitting a long iron shot draws some anxiety for many beginner and intermediate golfers. Consistency and stability are not characteristics of long irons. This is what the Response rescue club was designed to replace. The low center of gravity makes solid airborne shots a breeze. The narrow body of the Response hybrid makes them easy to play from the fairway. And the slight 4mm offset counters the tendency to slice or fade.
“I've got a high handicap. So I look for the clubs that are easiest to hit. The Alpha Response has been a life-saver to my game. I shoot solid and straight on nearly every shot with this thing. Very forgiving. Barry Levinson, Pasadena, CA
In the Rough Rescue golf clubs are heavier than irons. This slows down the clubhead speed, which allows the hybrid to cut through tall grass with more momentum at contact. The Response is purposely weighed down near the sole to both lower the center of gravity and make the club more bottom-heavy to glide across the ground without digging. The extra-narrow head of the Response becomes especially useful in thicker rough compared to the bulkier fairway woods. Golfers can be confident of achieving good solid contact with the hybrid in even the roughest of turfs. Soft Landings Rescue golf clubs induce a lot more backspin than a similarly lofted iron or wood. With a higher trajectory, lower center of gravity, and flatter face than long irons, the ball leaves the club with a higher spin rate. This makes a rescue golf club an excellent choice for shots that require long distance but short roll. Hazards in front of the green, for example, require soft landings right on the green with minimal roll.
Chipping from the Apron
A high-lofted hybrid is surprisingly useful for a short chip that is too long for a putter and too short for a wedge.  Ã‚ The heavier club head and longer shaft length of a hybrid almost guarantees that the ball will get airborne a few inches and immediately start rolling toward the target.  The sooner the ball hits the ground, the easier it is to control. 
The rounded sole prevents a divot, and the heaviness of the sole prevents a thin shot.  Chipping from just outside the green is another situation where the unique attributes of a hybrid truly make it a rescue club.


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