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PF-2 Wedge

PF-2 Wedge
Brand: Alpha
Product Code: APF2W
Availability: In Stock
Price: $64.00

Available Options

* Finished Length Based on Std. 37.5" men's 5 iron:

* PF-2 Wedge GW, SW, LW:

   - OR -   
90 Reverse Mill gives 100% MORE spin than traditional milling 
Light Silk finish for smoother shots 
Less likely to get entangled in the rough 
Custom-ground sole with back-cut trailing edge 
1020 Double-forged carbon steel for softness and durability
Spin Separates Wedges
Shots from your wedges should have the following characteristics.
High and short trajectory 
Bounce off the sand or turf 
Maximum backspin 
The first 2 characteristics are determined by purely physical traits of the club - the loft, lie, camber, sole width, bounce angle. While important factors, they are fairly standard parameters that have been standardized across the golf industry. Want more bounce? Flatten the camber, enlarge the sole width, and raise the bounce angle of a pitching wedge until you get a sand wedge. Want a loft and bounce that's between a pitching and sand wedge? Go for the gap wedge.
What makes the Alpha PF-2 Wedges so special is the amount of spin generated. No other wedge comes close to the amount of backspin produced. Spin, and not bounce angle or ball trajectory, is the most important factor in wedge performance. Backspin allows for soft landings and exceptional control and accuracy. 
The secret to spin lies in 2 special groove designs on the Alpha PF-2 face: U Grooves and the patented 90 Reverse Mill.
Eye-catching Light Silk satin finish for consistent setup and minimal glare 
Double forged construction for soft feel and accurate feedback 
Sharper, higher toe for greater spin control and longer impact time 
Precision milled 90 Reverse mill grooves for consistently high, penetrating ball flight

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