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Brand: SMT
Product Code: SMTDBPlus
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Price: $165.00

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Finally, after all the talk, all the speculation, design changes and international tragedies, the new SMT DB Plus sample has made its way to us and has been granted full approval for specs, esthetics and playability and we are extremely happy to present this exciting new driver head design to you now.

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In the words of designer, Mike Tait: "Your new DB Plus driver head is a combination of two of our most popular and industry respected clubheads. The 455 Deep Bore, the winningest component clubhead in the history of golf and amazingly popular Indio clubhead, the best feeling, arguably most accurate clubhead in the current SMT stable of international award winning clubheads. We have taken these two outstanding products, combined the things that made each of them great and worked in a couple of functional design features to increase playability and make the DB Plus clubhead much more MOI friendly. It took us over a year to achieve these feats but we are very proud of the results achieved. At 440's the DB Plus fills a void in the SMT line like no other. Hiding the weight and the bulk of the hosel piece inside the clubhead has allowed us to move the center of gravity to a much more playable position in this particular head. A mildly classic pear shape with deeper heel and backskirt design hides the size of this head nicely. We have taken the patented double forged crown design, first brought to market on the very popular Indio clubhead, and modified it slightly on the DB Plus to work in harmony with its unique sole design to produce a large clubhead that still feels very solid yet plays absolutely true to loft, something that is almost always lost in today's larger designs. The double forged crosshatch section of the thin titanium crown has been reserved for the front half of the crown allowing the heavier crown section to encircle it, bringing the weight further from the striking area of the clubface thusly increasing the moment of inertia of the design. Turning this titanium beauty over, you will see just the opposite as you have on the crown. The heavier part of the sole is actually closer to the face and the rear of the rounded sole sweeps rapidly up and away into the backskirt area for stability, trajectory, energry transfer, and optimum spin profile of your golf ball. We finished it up with a rich black metalflake crown to blend seamlessly with the new 3390 Series fairway woods and added a bright white accent for a bit of excitement. Oh yes, and the graphics are “upside down" for a reason. When you start hitting your new DB plus driver, you will undoubtedly be “posing a bit as you watch the ball fly down the fairway, and in case there are any cameras around during your follow through, we wanted to make sure that they could read the name of the club easily enough DB Plus! The SMT value added twist? We knew we had something quite special here but found that we were still looking for more. We wanted to make this spectacular clubhead unique in two more ways, and since SMT Golf has become the industry leader in personalizing golf grips with player's names, company names and golf club logos, the last feature to be added to this unique driver head was purely a cosmetic one, the guitar pick shaped aluminum medallion in the toe of each driver head is something that we can custom laser engrave to your needs. Your name, nickname, initials, country club logo, company name or golf outing can be beautifully preserved right on your new driver. But of course, that wasn't enough, as we are aware that for so many golfers, the game of golf is really about fun and the coordinating of clubhead colors to golf shafts, clothing, and even to personal preferences, each SMT DB Plus clubhead is shipped with a package of several different color anodized aluminum medallions for you to apply to match or color coordinate with your customer's golf shafts, player preferences, or to just give a splash of color to personalize your DB Plus driver in your own special way. Each Beta Titanium DB Plus clubhead comes to you complete with the following: Magnetic headcover, SMT matching logo ferrule, SMT logo wrap grip, package of aluminum medallions in different colors, Standard SMT 100% Lifetime Warranty. Right handed lofts to be available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 degree Another quote from Mike Tait, "Philis Metti - New Zealand's two time long drive champion and holder of the New Zealand women's long drive record with the SMT Encore, also the 2006 RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion using the SMT 455 Deep Bore will be using the brand new SMT DB Plus driver head in 8 degrees to recapture her World Championship title in Mesquite Nevada October 22nd, 2008 Philis was all set to take on the best in the world with her bag full of SMT Encore and SMT 455's, but received the new DB Plus to try out immediately upon its approval for play by the USGA and found "significant improvement" in distance, spin profile and trajectory. This news is absolutely amazing on several levels..... Imagine using a brand new head, not even on the market, over the head that you just won the national title with and also set a driving distance record in your own country.... and also if she wins, it will be the fastest to market, to world champion status of any clubhead in the history of golf. This news is absolutely huge!"

As seen on the SMT Discussion forum!
"Subject: SMT DB+ 10*/Miridio R flex
The chorus: SMT 455/Basalt R
SMT Encore 10*/Assassin2 S flex
Wishon 949MC 10.5*/Assassin2 R flex
Conditions: darned near perfect - 60*, no wind, no snow in the dead of winter in the middle of Iowa (actually the test was in a golf dome as it was 20* outside with a 30 MPH wind from the NW). I did take the club outside and hit 2 very nice looking drives with the club.
Looks The DB+ head is very pleasing to my eye. It has a fairly traditional shape when at address. I like the paint choice a little industrial looking - like the Encore, a bit more shine to it. I didn't mind the crosshatch on the crown. The club hides its 460cc size the club head does not look overly large. The white stripe is different - doesn't do much for me, but then, you don't see it at address. Overall I like the looks. The DB+ doesn't look like any driver head I've ever seen unique!
Club build Dave Schimandle (Slickstix) built this club for his demo program. Basic measurements 44, C8.5 and an overall club weight of 298g. The club has an SMT wrap style grip. Assembly and finish is top notch (good job Dave). This DB+ is lighter and longer than the drivers I currently hit (typical for me is: 43, D0,D2 and 310) .Part of the weight difference is the Miridio shaft it is 10 15g lighter than the golf shafts I've been using.
The test: I hit balls for 1 hour and 15 minutes switching amongst the other drivers listed above. I also warmed up and hit some in-between shots with a couple of 6 irons I brought along. I had my swing speed radar with me 85 to 92 MPH were my typical swing speed readings with the drivers.
Results: The DB+ was the only driver in this test session to launch the ball to a nice medium trajectory consistently.  It was also the only driver in the tests to consistently hit straight. Even though the DB+ was lighter and longer than the other drivers tested, it was very easy to hit with. The feel is solid not at all harsh or loose. The sound is similar to other SMT drivers solid, not particularly tinny and not overly loud. There grew a confidence that I didn't need to hit the ball dead center to get a good result. Reviewing the ball marks on the face of the club confirmed that I had hit all over the face and still had very acceptable shots consistently straight. This is a very forgiving design. The Miridio is also a very nice shaft. As I said, it is lighter than I'm used to, but you'd never know it. The Miridio has a nice kick and feels very stable a real pleasure to swing. For a lighter weight shaft I was very surprised how much I liked it.
Conclusions: It is my opinion that the DB+/Miridio combination will fit many golfers very well. Higher swing speed golfers might prefer the Basalt shaft in place of the Miridio. It appears to be a very forgiving driver that should place a high percentage of drives in the fairway or wherever you are aiming. Because I did the test indoors, I don't have a good handle on how long this club hits. Because the club launches at a mid trajectory, I suspect good distances can be had with a lot of rollout. Overall great looking club that really seems to perform! It was a pleasure to hit with this club. I would not hesitate to recommend the DB+ to any golfer looking for higher MOI - forgiving driver with a fairly traditional shape!The DB+ certainly sits at the top of my "next new driver" list!
Thank you Dave Schimandle for the opportunity to test this club! And thank you Mike Tait for yet another interesting driver design!"
My initial reaction, is that asthetically, it is a very good looking club. The shaft and head combination worked really well together. I really liked the clean face combined with the grid lines on top. I really liked the magnetic head cover. It is such a simple but effective design.
The feel of the club when it hits the ball is very solid. To me it was similar to the Cleveland 460 Launcher. It did not feel or sound tinny, or have the thwack of a FT-5. Center hits were just felt very rewarding, you could tell that you had hit is solid and that it was just going to go far. You could tell if you hit the ball off center, but it was not harsh, and the ball still went pretty far. My misses tend to be out towards the tow, and shots that went out to the right from tow hits worked their way back to the middle pretty well. The biggest bonus for me is that this club got the ball in the air without ballooning on me. I usually tend to be a pretty low ball hitter, so it was nice to get the ball up in the air and get a bit
of extra carry. 
The fact that it was a reg flex makes sense because when I was testing out the club, any shots I really tried to muscle and go after ended up as very wild shots. If I kept it slow and smooth, the drives were going as far if not farther than my stiff flex FT-5. Overall, this is one of the best drivers I have tried to date.

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