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Pure Smooth Wrap

Pure Smooth Wrap
Brand: Pure Grips
Product Code: puresmooth_1
Availability: In Stock
Price: $7.50
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An unperforated, leather-like wrap with medium firmness and moderate shock absorption.
All PURE Grips are Guaranteed to remain supple & tacky and to perform in all conditions for 12 months. If you can wear these babies out in a year, we salute you and will be glad to replace them!
Pure Grips innovative injection mold process uses our proprietary EPDM rubber containing no plasticizers or other diluting additives. This allows us to create grips that are highly durable, appealingly tacky and available in a range of feels including the max shot feedback preferable to top players. With PURE Grips, clubs maintain more balance and shots are more consistent because our grips provide equal thickness, no parting lines and the most unvarying weight of any grip on the market.
All-Weather Grips:Wet weather or extreme temperatures shouldn't keep you from playing golf. The high level of moisture and heat resistance of PURE Grips allow you to keep playing in any type of weather. Rain, shine or otherwise.

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