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SMT 3390 Fairway

SMT 3390 Fairway
SMT 3390 Fairway
Brand: SMT
Product Code: SMT3390F
Availability: In Stock
Price: $69.00

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The much anticipated successor in our fairway wood lineup of award winning SMT Golf clubheads, the 3390 Series, is upon us and we are sure that you will agree that the wait, was indeed well worth it. With its highly modified shallow face design, and a beautifully sculpted sole which is unlike anything else on the market, the 3390 Series fairway woods mysteriously retain their classic good looks in a timeless pear shaped design, which is quite pleasing to the eye at address and promotes rather easy alignment from all lies.

You can get MUCH better pricing for SMT products on this website if you call SMT, 1 888 693 4001, to become a member!

The unique sole design assures square address and contact position from each clubhead in the set, while at the same time reducing the drag created by turf impact commonly found on all fairway woods on the market today, and virtually eliminating any clubhead twisting caused by inconsistent turf conditions or user error. The multi level design moves the center of gravity much deeper into the head for stability, solid feel and soaring trajectory where there was none before. The sense of confidence that you will have with these fairway clubs is something that you have to experience to believe.
The focus on this head design was spin profile, and player confidence, rather than the old “longer and straighter" that we have all been sold on for decades in this industry, but don't think for a moment that we would sacrifice any distance with this offering, for we did not, as there is not a hotter fairway wood face in the industry today. We found that by focusing on the balls descent to the ground and its relation to design and spin characteristics we were able to squeeze more out of a clubhead than we ever thought possible. We weren't happy until we got this one where we wanted it to be, and it took 14 different mock ups, and one calendar year to get the new 3390 Series exactly right! 
Clubhead size, center of gravity, hosel depth, hosel length, loft choices and clubhead material all presented their own gremlins for us at times, especially relating each to the other during design changes. It never ceases to amaze how a small change in one feature can throw something else totally off balance. But this, the final result, is something truly spectacular and one that has achieved the exact goals intended for this rather exciting line of SMT fairway woods. 
By utilizing the highest quality #420 Maraging Steel throughout, were able to capture the nuances in ball spin profile, distance, manufacturing tolerances and manufacturing capabilities without a single sacrifice along the way.
Try one for yourself and see what you have been missing all these years. We know we have done it right, and we know that we have produced something that will promote confidence in your game. 
Of course your new 3390 Series fairway wood will come to you complete with matching headcover, SMT ferrule and SMT logo grip, and will continue with SMT Golf's legacy of 100% Lifetime Warranty. 
After all, it is an SMT product, and you deserve the very best. 
Lofts are, 13*/16*/19*/21* 
Took the 3390 to the course for two rounds this weekend. To make a long story short, this club is not going any further down the line. It's found a home in my bag. The word I keep coming back to when considering how to describe it is "solid". It looks, feels and performs solidly. When I make a good swing, I get very good results, and when I make a half decent swing, I still get good results. When I make a really bad swing - well, I get bad results :) 
The shallow face inspires confidence when addressing the ball, and in combination with the SMT Argent shaft, launches the ball on a nice high trajectory. Maybe it was my swing this weekend, but the ball wants to fly straight or draw with this combo. I don't think I hit any fades or slices with it, and that's unusual for me.
West Virginia
Hello Dave ! 
Remember the 13 degrees 3390 you made with a ProLanch Blue 65 R. Well you were right, the shaft was not good for my swing. I changed it for a JavlnFX M7 R and...WOW. The 3390 hit straight, very straight and long enough for the mission I will give it. I can easily control the height but I intend to use it for low balls in the wind and sometimes from the tee. Workability (right-left) : I did not try yet. I did not try from the tee neither but I suspect it will be not far from some drives and perfect in some narrow fairways.
Laval, Quebec

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